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A lower carb life
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Eating less carb can help diabetics reduce their Blood Glucose Levels, and help everyone feel a little lighter! Join us for low carb food ideas, recipes, snacks and helpful info!

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This campaign brings low carb food ideas to diabetics to help reduce their Blood Glucose Levels. Some simple changes in their diet may help improve their day to day health – and also may reduce the long term health impact of diabetes.
Research on lowering carbohydrate intake through simple methods, without drastic alterations to diet, has shown it can make a clear difference to daily blood glucose levels.
Our blog posts contain low carb food ideas, simple ways to lower carb content, and ideas for snacks for those times when you need comfort food, without the carb load!


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Why eat less carb?

In the last 25 years, the number of diabetics in Australia has increased from 2.4% to as high as 5.1% of the Australian population. Many diabetics are after food ideas to improve their Blood Glucose Levels (BGLs), and they are finding that reducing their carbohydrate intake could be a simple answer.
But diabetic or not, there are many people who could help avoid diabetes in future, by reducing their carbohydrate intake now. By substituting a few ingredients a day for lower carbohydrate versions, there’s less load on their system which could reduce their future risk of becoming Diabetic.
And if you want a Doctor’s view on low carb for diabetics, and general health, you can read more at – a great medical view of low carb and diabetes.
Here are three simple benefits from reducing carbohydrate intake.


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