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Month: August 2019

Living your best Lower Carb Life!

Breakfast on the go header image

Breakfast on the go!

So you want to go low carb breakfast on the go, but don’t know how you can manage busy weekday mornings?

A lower carb breakfast can be a better start to the day

A new take on breakfast to lower your breakfast carb

For most of us, all that carbohydrate in fast-prepared breakfast foods means we’ll be hungry only an hour or two later. We’re here to say that there is another way. This post looks at a few alternative breakfast ideas to help you lower your carb!

A crate of fresh vegies brings life and colour

The low down on best low carb vegies

For many of us, thinking about ‘going low carb’ can be confusing. What vegetables are high in carbs? Which are the best low carb vegies? So we’ve put together a simple but handy chart for you.

Low carb ingredients to help you discover food ideas

Discover the benefits of lowering carb with Lower carb life!

This website,, is part of a campaign inspired by the benefits of lowering carb intake for diabetics seeking lower BGLs, or just about anyone wanting to live a little lighter!

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