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This website,, is part of a campaign inspired by the benefits of lowering carb intake for diabetics seeking lower BGLs, or just about anyone wanting to live a little lighter!
In the coming weeks, we’ll bring you the simple things, like lists of lower carb ingredients and how they can be used, great recipes to get you cooking. And we’ll also give you recipes, hints and tips for best snacks, both made at home and what to buy on the go!
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The benefits of lowering carb

Start with just a few changes here and there, and after a while you’ll have made a huge low carb difference to your life and health. And if you’re diabetic, you could improve your BGL readings significantly.
It’s that easy.

More to come

Later this week, we’ll be publishing another post with some great info on low carb vegetables. Many people find it difficult to judge carb in vegetables so the next post may help you choose the lighter ones

A great lower carb recipe idea!

Cauliflower Mushroom Risotto by Carolyn at All Day I dream about Food, is a good way to show the benefits of lowering carb by swapping the main ingredient for a lower carb choice.
Cauliflower Mushroom Risotto by Carolyn at All Day I dream about Food, is a perfect way to lower carb by swapping the main ingredient for a lower carb choice.

To get things rolling, click on the image above to check out this fantastic lower carb risotto from Carolyn at All day I dream about food!

Swapping high carb rice for low carb cauliflower, which can easily be processed in your food processor to resemble rice. This swap makes the carb level substantially lower… but not the taste! Simple techniques like this can make lowering your carb intake much easier…

And don’t forget to read more about a prominent diabetic doctor’s view on the benefits of lowering carb intake on our info page Why lower your carb?

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