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Low Carb Vegies are awesomely versatile!

For many of us, thinking about ‘going low carb’ can be confusing. What vegetables are high in carbs? Which are the best low carb vegies? So we’ve put together a simple but handy chart of 12 popular low-carb vegetables.

There’s a pretty simple rule of thumb. Starchy vegetables tend to be high in carbs, while high water content vegetables are mostly lower. Some examples:

  • Starchy (higher carb): Pumpkin, Potato, Corn, Peas, Parsnips, Sweet Potato
  • Non-starchy (lower carb): Celery, Cauliflower, Zucchini, Broccoli, Lettuce, Cucumber, Cabbage, etc

So, taking some cues from some other online resources, we’ve put together a simple but handy chart of 12 popular low-carb vegetables

12 Best Low Carb Vegies:

Twelve well known lower carb vegies
These twelve lower carb vegies can really help you put together a list of things safe to eat, and are great to use as replacements for higher carb vegies.

What to do with them?

You might wonder how these can work for you? For everyday evening meals, where meat is combined with vegetables, try to swap out the higher carb vegetables for lower carb ones.

  • Lose those potates, in favour of a healthy serving of cauliflower and broccoli, steamed fresh along with some Zucchini. And add a little butter!
  • Try a low carb vegie bake, like a cream and cheese sauce on cauli and/or broccoli, baked in the same way you’d bake a potato bake! Aldi even do pre-packaged frozen cauliflower and broccoli bakes. We’re going to check these out in another blog article, soon!
  • Swap out the carb vegies in a meal for a salad made with leaves, avocado, capsicum, radish and some crumbled fetta. And don’t forget a good oil/vinegar based dressing, rather than a pre-sweetened commercial one.
  • If you’re having Roast Pork, combine it with a tasty sauerkraut, or try a bed of red cabbage in a baking dish, covered with thin slices of granny smith apples, baked under foil for 45 minutes or until steamy tender.
  • And if you haven’t tried it, halved brussels sprouts slowly sauteed in butter, with some finely chopped bacon, combines to make a tasty side dish. Simply sprinkle with pistachios to serve.
  • Or if you’re having Mexican Tacos for dinner, leave out the taco shells and tortillas, and use Iceberg Lettuce Leaves as a wrap! It’ll have great crunch, too!

And don’t forget to add a little fat – it’s super tasty and a good companion to lower carb!

Of course, the great thing about lower carb, is that in place of the carb, you can afford to use some more healthy fats, like butter. It’s a safe combination when fat is added modestly.

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This blog post comes with a healthy dose of inspiration from Lindsay at The Little Pine Low Carb (these carb values were referenced from a larger post on Lindsay’s site), and Ditch the Carbs, with Libby. Thanks for being so awesome and helping out a student project with great inspiration! These are two inspirational and detailed sites where you can get much more info on low carb to help you along your way! Check them out!

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