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A new take on breakfast to lower your breakfast carb

Living your best Lower Carb Life!

A lower carb breakfast can be a better start to the day

Why be carb hungry later?

For most of us, all that carbohydrate in fast-prepared breakfast foods means we’ll be hungry only an hour or two later. But eating out or eating in, products made from carb heavy grains are still popular breakfast fare. I see so many people at work, eating as they start work, a quick concoction of purchased cereal and low fat milk. And they’ll be using light milk because it’s ‘healthier’!

Perhaps they’d be better off losing the carb, eating a lower carb breakfast and enjoying a small glass of full-fat milk with it! At least they’d be getting the good fats and minerals in the full fat version….

We’re here to say that there is another way. This post looks at a few alternative breakfast ideas, and later in the week we’ll check out some on the go ideas too, for speeding up the pre-work breaking of the fast.

Lower your breakfast carb…

Look at history, look at your blood glucose levels, or perhaps your weight if that’s a problem, and you might feel it’s time to make a change.

At home, we made the change years ago and schedule a little longer for breakfast. We combine a little protein with fungi, veg and cheese, in modest quantities. The outcome is less hunger, lighter intake and lower carb. Plus it’s delicious!

A typical breakfast for us might contain some bacon or sausage, or perhaps kransky or black pudding, along with mushrooms cooked in a little butter, spinach leaves wilted, perhaps some diced red capsicum, and maybe some saganaki or halloumi, gently fried in a non-stick pan.

It takes less time than you might think!

As we’ll cover later in the week, there are other options like low-carb granola, chia and coconut milk cups, frittatas cups, and even low carb smoothies!

So, here’s a few breakfast ideas!

The Low Carb Big Breakfast

The low carb big breakfast by Ditch the Carbs
This brilliant big breakfast idea from Ditch the Carbs is a great way to start the day!

This fantastic recipe idea, from Ditch the Carbs, can be found here.
Pretty much a variation on what we have at home most mornings! Loads of nutrient, great to eat, relatively short cooking time.

Salmon and Avocado boats

Delightful green and pink avocado and salmon boats for breakfast
Delightful combination of good fats and satisfying flavours in a colourful combo of salmon and avocado, from The Nourished Caveman!

These are a real low carb high fat treat. Avocado is such a nutritious and good fat laden lump of deliciousness, combined with healthy fish. You could add an egg to the top of this to make the ultimate indulgence. This fantastic idea comes from The Nourished Caveman, and can be found here!

Coconut flour porridge

Perfect winter breakfast of coconut flour porridge is low carb and delicious
Making a perfect winter breakfast, or really any time of year, with coconut flour porridge is low carb and delicious, by Low Carb Maven.

My mum makes this and loves it. If you want to lower your carb, but still prefer the idea of cereal style breakfast, this coconut flour porridge is a great alternative! Coconut flour has very high levels of fibre, which are both filling, but also can offset other modest carb ingredients (such as milk if you add it), to keep the net carb content of this very low! Thanks always to Low Carb Maven for great ideas – you can find the recipe here.

Cream cheese pancakes

Delightfully light cream cheese pancakes by Ibreathi'mhungry
These are delicious, light, and take little time to make, and can be topped with your favourite low carb toppings, recipe by I Breathe I’m Hungry!

Wow. These look so delicious! I’ve tried various coconut flour recipes and they are great but these look light and simple. I use a no-sugar maple syrup, but you could equally use a strawberry coulis too! Thanks to I Breathe I’m Hungry for this great recipe, which you can find here.

Super Cheesy Egg Muffin Cups

Super Cheesy Egg Muffin cups are a great breakfast treat
These super cheesy egg muffins from Little Pine Low Carb are a delicious savoury take on low carb breakfast.

These look and taste just awesome! The Little Pine Low Carb always has some great ideas, and are usually a visual treat too! This is one of those make ahead recipes, or you could make on the morning to eat too! Check out Lindays’ great idea here.

It’s a wrap!

Well, maybe it’s a wrap on this blog post, but not an actual wrap, as those are almost ALWAYS higher carb than you realise!

Thanks as always to the bloggers who have created these great ideas for us to share, especially on a week where we don’t have time to photograph our own! Stay tuned later this week for Breakfast on the go.

And, if you haven’t seen our most recent post, you can find out all about the top 12 low carb vegies along with a handy chart, here!

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