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Lowering breakfast carb doesn’t mean you have to eat at home…

So you want to go low carb breakfast on the go, but don’t know how you can manage busy weekday mornings, and the rush to get to work on time?

It’s pretty easy really. A little research reveals plenty of fast low carb options, that are healthy and quick. Or quick to heat up and eat.

The value of preparation

One way to get breakfast happening fast is to pre-make it in batches. We’ve found some ideas below that help you do that! A muffin tin, especially those awesome silicon ones, is your new best friend.

Make a half a dozen or a dozen at a time, store in the fridge and freezer where possible, grab, heat and eat!

The smoothie speed of breakfast on the go!

You can also through together quickly, the ever popular smoothie – but they don’t have to be full of carb though!

There’s plenty of ideas out there, from combining a few ingredients based on coconut milk or cream, coconut flakes, berries and a little sweetener if you really feel you need it.

And if you really feel like the traditional breakfast cereal, low-carb Granola is AWESOME!!! And you don’t need a bowl, just throw a solid handful on some greek yoghurt with some strawberries or blueberries, and you have the breakfast of Gods!

Super Granola Recipes!

Three super variations on low carb Granola here will give you different things to try to keep it interesting! Each image contains a link to the recipe!

Fantastic LowCarb Granola from
Grab a lowcarb granola from the cupboard and you’ll save so much time in the morning! This awesome recipe comes from

Simple As Fat's Golden Granola is a hearty addition to yoghurt for easy breakfast
With a wealth of nuts and healthy seeds and spices, this Granola is sure to get your day going! Simple As Fat keep this simple by putting it on Yoghurt and adding berries

Super tasty grain free granola from The Little Pine Low Carb
WIth the addition of Peanut Flour, this clever granola recipe rewrites the rules! As always, The Little Pine Low Carb has a fresh new approach. Check it out!

Smoothies for the quick getaway!

Some protein powder and tasty ingredients can get you a long way with a smoothie! Check this beauty!

Coconut milk, blackberries, protein powder and nuts make this low carb extreme!
Coconut milk, blackberries, protein powder and nuts make this low carb extreme!
Check this out and other ideas on Smoothies at The Little Pine Low Carb.

And if you want a totally different take, try this vegie based Green Smoothie from Tasteaholics!
Or below, you’ll find another smooth breakfast, but not a smoothie! Chia has great nutritional content and fantastic properties for thickening. Added to a variety of milks like coconut, almond, or even dairy in moderation, it can create a real treat – for breakfast or otherwise!

Chia goodness in a breakfast delight
Chia pudding with Raspberries makes for the perfect low carb breakfast treat – or even a dessert at night! Keto Diet App have outdone themselves with this recipe.

Make ahead treats – eating on the run

Breakfast egg muffins are the perfect make-before breakfast solution
Make these ahead of time and enjoy on the morning. Just heat, eat and run!
Thanks to The Kitchn for this great recipe!

We promised muffins and here they are! There are probably even lower carb versions available, but these will get you started. Simple to make, easy to store in the fridge, and great tasting when reheated! Click the image to check out the recipe!

What did I miss?

Earlier this week, we posted our first breakfast blog post, with loads more info and recipes on luscious breakfasts at home

The Breakfast ideas blog
Check out these breakfast ideas in our first breakfast blog!
Click the image, or here, to check it out!

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