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Low carb Aldi surprises!

Living your best Lower Carb Life!

What lowcarb surprises can you find at aldi?

While it’s certainly true that a lower carb life often means making more things from scratch, it also means that you get control of exactly what’s in what you make. But sometimes, it’s great to have something you can buy off the shelf for those busy moments, when a quick low carb solution that’s ‘good enough’ is what you need – you need these low carb aldi surprises!

In Australia, German supermarket chain Aldi has a few low-carb surprises! As usual, they’re also cheaper than most competitors, and surprisingly good!

Toasted Coconut flakes with sea salt

Organic Toasted Coconut Flakes with sea salt are a perfect low carb snack!
If you’re looking for a low carb snack, then these Coconut Flakes are tasty and filling

If you hadn’t realised, Coconut is VERY high in fibre, so any inherent carbohydrate in these is completely cancelled out by that. Carb count seems high here at 12.4g/100g, but is effectively cancelled out by a fibre count of 14.8g/100g. They’re tasty, filling, and relatively cheap at $3.99 for 140grams! A perfect and healthy snack!

Paleo mix

This is certainly something that you could do yourself if you wanted to buy the quantities and mix, but this pre-made Aldi version fills the gap!

Aldi Paleo Mix is a quick and easy nut and seed mix
An easy to grab low carb mix, this low carb Aldi surprise is great on yoghurt!

With two types of flax seeds, pumpkin seeds (pepitas), sunflower seeds, raw almonds and dried shredded coconut. it has a Carb content of 4.6g/100g, but a dietary fibre of 19.5g/100g. This stuff is GREAT with berries and yoghurt! Just a handful goes a long way, and makes a fast snack! And just $3.99!

Cauliflower and Broccoli bake at Aldi

These twins are great low carb vegie bake solutions. Need something fast when you get home? Choose a meat you can cook in the oven and use two trays – one for the meat, and one to get these happening! Pork chops plus vegie bake is an ideal example.

Aldi Broccoli bake is a quick and easy low carb aldi surprise
Mix this Aldi Broccoli bake up with the Aldi Cauliflower bake for a perfect low carb vegie bake – or do them individually too!

The other low carb aldi suprise caulifower bake
Enjoy the low carb goodness of this creamy cauliflower bake! Without the work…

I’ve tried these combined and separately – they’re pretty much the same thing with a different vegie as the base. They’re mostly cream, cheese, and the base veg, and while they appear as little snowy lumps, once in the oven they melt into a creamy goodness! As you can see in the nutrition panels, carb is pretty low for a purchased product like this. And just $5.99 if memory serves me correctly! Delicious! And last in this list:

Aldi 85% lower carb protein bread

It’s no secret that this is the same product sold for about 70% more in many exclusive food retailers, as Herman Brot Lower Carb Bread for glycaemic control and weight loss. And they make it for Aldi who sell it for $4.99 loaf instead of $7.99+!

Low carb Aldi surprise bread
This bread is surprisingly good, but don’t over do it. Use it as a treat, weekend breakfast, or workday vegemite on toast!

And it’s more like a real bread than anything I’ve tried, albeit a darker loaf, that does take longer to toast, and is smaller in slice size than standard commercial white breads. But as bread is INCREDIBLY carb laden, at 5.4g/100g this is a dream come true.

I don’t overdo this. I like the taste, but I find it strong enough in flavour that I use it as a treat rather than an everyday item. But in reality it’s the everday carbs that got us in trouble in the first place, so this is a good lesson in moderation.

Oh, and just one more… Halloumi Fries!

To be honest, these aren’t as lower carb as we’d probably like, but let’s face it… we’re only going to eat a few as an extra part of breakfast or a lunch side plate….

Aldi Halloumi Fries sure are Golden and Crispy!
These are just awesome as an extra side plate with any meal!

With a carb load of 9.3g/100g, they’re a touch higher because of the floury spicy coating, but you really won’t eat that many!

Enjoy, because they’re amazingly tasty 😉

Low carb Aldi surprises rock!

So there you go. Aldi definitely has some great lowcarb products, and I’ve truly not done an exhaustive search! But if these items help you along the way to achieving a lower carb life, then this list is well worth it.

Keep an eye out, and let us know if you spot anything else! We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Carol says:

    Thank you. Loving these!!!

    • admin says:

      Tonight we had a simple dinner of a piece of corned beef, along with a mix of the cauli and broccoli bake. Total cost $14.50. Aldi is super budget material!!!! But tastes great!

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