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Low carb dinner ideas with pork belly skewers!

For some people, the organised ones at least, dinner is thought of days in advance, meal plans, shopping and storing – organised to a tee! You guessed it, I’m not one of those people. So I either last minute shop, quickly throw together what I can from what I have at home…. or I fail and buy dinner. And the latter is what gets us all in trouble! Both financially, and the lack of carb control! Even I need low carb dinner ideas!

Similar to my lunch post last week, I thought I’d just throw together a bunch of ideas!

Meat on sticks

One of the easiest and simplest protein meals is to put meat, or meat and veg, on a stick of some sort. Bamboo skewers, metal skewers, even toothpicks, depending on what it is! And there’s quite a few cultures you can borrow from, as this is one of the oldest methods of cooking.

There are so many cultural variations of Meat on skewers
Meat on Skewers are a great low carb dinner idea!

  • Greek: Koftas are wonderful, spicy delights, mixing lamb with spices, moulded on a stick and cooked. To eat, they are dipped in a raita or yoghurt based sauce, which cools the spiciness. Serve with a light salad!
  • Turkey: Shish Kabobs combine meat, vegie and spice on a metal or bamboo skewer, typically barbecued. Cooked nicely, they burst with fresh flavour!
  • For a more indian taste, with coriander, cumin, chili, one option is the Chicken Shashlik! Similar to the kabob, but with a different spicy flavour, delicious!
  • And Tandoori is always awesome! Here’s a low carb Tandoori Chicken Kebab with a make yourself marinade if you want to try it deeply fresh and spicy. Or this recipe for Tandoori Chicken Skewers using off-the-shelf Tandoori paste!
  • And from Indonesia and lower asia, the Satay Chicken stick! These treasures offer succulent BBQd chicken on a stick dipped into a sumptuous peanut sauce! For those without the allergies, of course 😉
  • From Japan, we have Yakatori! While these are often done with a sweet sauce, this low carb Japanese yakitori skewers recipe is divine!
  • And for more cultural ideas, check this list of kebabs on wiki!
  • Enjoy these great low carb dinner ideas… they’re delicious!

What about a Roast?

Of course, Roasted meat is, by nature lower carb. A good simple chicken, leg of lamb, pork, or cut of beef, if seasoned and cooked simply, is a great protein base for a meal!

It’s the roasted vegies that you need to avoid in their traditional form. Potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes are pretty much out of the question on a true low carb diet.

It’s simply a matter of replacing those with other things. I use Celeriac (the root ball of celery, turnip, parsnip (not too much of this), and swede in a version of Nigella Lawson’s roast vegetables with Garlic and capsicum.

Simply cut up the root vegetables to about 2.5cm squares, and scatter over an oven tray. Place whole cloves of garlic, still wrapped in their paper, throughout (usually about a dozen or more), and then scatter with oregano and fresh sea salt, and drizzle with good olive oil. Bake in a moderate hot oven for about 40 minutes, then add in Red capsicum chunks, and bake for a further 15-20 minutes. Finally take it out again, and lay over slices of halloumi, randomly across, here and there, and bake for a short while more until they slump and brown. Voila! Instant lower carb vege bake.

Or, check our Low Carb Aldi Surprises blog from last week, and simply add in some cauliflower or broccoli bake, and a couple of serves of other fresh steamed vegies, like silver beet, or green beans!

Changing up existing favourites

On the night before I wrote this blog piece, I had no plans for dinner, and was suddenly reminded of prawns. Massaman curry prawns sprang into my head, and the rest was easy!

Home made Massaman prawn curry is delicious and easy!
Make your own massaman prawn curry for another great low carb dinner idea!

With the massaman curry paste of your choice, and a tin of coconut cream (full fat NOT light!), you can easily throw together this dish. I simply cooked a little onion and some sliced zucchini and capsicum in a second pan, sauteed until tender but not overcooked. In the main wok, I fried off the curry paste for a couple of minutes, and added the coconut cream. Once stirred through, I put a quantity of raw (green) shelled prawns in, and added the vegies. About 6-8 minutes later, I was ready to serve on top of a handful of Konjac Noodles.

What about Tex Mex?
A low carb dinner idea?

Well, yes it can be. We mentioned this a little on our lunch blog too, but I made this tonight, halfway through writing this!

Minced beef, off the shelf taco spice, or even better if you make your own, chop up some tomatoes, make a little guacamole (just avo, lemon juice and greek yoghurt), buy some off the shelf taco sauce, or make your own! Some grated cheese, lovely lettuce leaves, and you have this delight!

Simple tex mex soft tacos are a great low carb dinner idea
Mex it up tonight with lower carb tex mex soft tacos!

And there you have it! Just a few ideas to get you started, and we’ll be back soon with round 2!

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