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Low Carb Pizza? Really?

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Low Carb Pizza makes a delicious and filling dinner idea

Let’s face it, Pizza is one of those things that most of us who have tried low carb, either crave, or occasionally give in and have. And what’s not to love, apart from the base? Most of the ingredients in a good fresh pizza are actually lowcarb and high fat, or can be selected to be, quite easily. Just have to fix that base, right? Well, here’s some low carb pizza ideas!

There are quite a few options now. When I first tried low carb ten years ago, there wasn’t much info around and most of it was pretty unimaginative and restrictive. I’d encourage searching the web for low carb sites as there are plenty around and SO MANY good ideas and different approaches. There is no one good answer!

Fat Head Pizza

The Fat Head pizza base comes from a documentary of the same name, and has become hugely popular with many variants. Doing a quick search, I can’t find the original any more, but one of my favourite low carb sites, Ditch the Carbs, has a page covering Fat Head pizza here.

It’s a recipe that takes cream cheese, mozzarella, an egg, some almond flour and a little flavouring, and turns it into a rich base. And as Ditch the Carbs points out, whereas it’s easy to overindulge in a carby pizza base (the carbs entice you to eat more), the richness of Fat Head Pizza base, and the quantity of good fats in the finished pizza, means that you’re sated long before you can over eat!

Fat Head Pizza at
Try Fat Head Pizza at for a real and tasty low carb treat!

That has to be a bonus for us all, and adding a salad to a good couple of slices of this makes a great lunch or dinner! Click the link above, or the pic, to visit Libby’s Ditch the Carbs Fat Head Pizza page.

Plus, you might want to check out Fat Head Nachos, Fat Head Sausage Rolls, and Fat Head Crackers on Libby’s site as well.

Lindsay’s Little Pine Pizza Crust

Another variant I’ve discovered is from Lindsay over at The Little Pine. Made on almond flour and pysllium husk, this one promises a really simple and probably less rich pizza crust, for those who find Fat Head a bit overwhelming!

You can check it out at this link to The Little Pine, or click on the pic below. Thanks Lindsay for your ongoing inspiration! Definitely check her site!

Almond flour pizza crust from the Little Pine low carb
This almond flour pizza crust from The Little Pine low carb can be less overwhelming in taste than Fat Head or Cauliflower pizza.

Cauliflower pizza bases

Cauliflower has long been a popular low carb ingredient – either directly in recipes, steamed, fried etc, or broken down into rice-sized pieces and used to replace rice, and even further as an ingredient in doughs.

To be honest, I love cauliflower in its natural form, but the flavours of some of these types of dough mixes are a bit strong for me. But that’s me! You may love it, and I certainly encourage giving it a go.

Beautifully designed site has a great and well thought through Cauliflower Pizza recipe that I think would be great. Their instructions are good and thorough, and explain in steps how to create it.

Detoxinista cauliflower pizza base looks great to eat!
Detoxinista cauliflower pizza base is well worth a try if you’re after low carb pizza, really!

Buying Pizza bases

So there is some good news – in Australia there is at least one cauliflower pizza base you can buy in the supermarket! Woolworths stock the Picasso Kitchen Cauliflower Pizza base at the time of writing.

I’ve not tried this (see my thoughts above about Cauliflower in dough), but it’s relatively cheap, although not large in size.

Otherwise, my advice is to avoid bought pizza bases as they are pretty much all high carb. If they claim to be low carb, then that should mean well less than 15g of carb / 100g, and even that’s not that low. Be careful!

So what about the pizza sauce?

The sad news is, that tomato itself is only low carb if you don’t eat a lot of it, and many commercial pizza sauces are full of sugar/carb. A quick check of Leggo’s pizza sauce reveals over 10g/100g, and while not terrible, surely it could be better!

Tomato paste is a great ingredient, as it’s much lower at 5g/100g, and not a lot is needed to get a lot of flavour. Check Libby at Ditch the Carbs’ sauce guide here.

So, one thing to do is make your own. There are plenty of variants around, but two that look good are I Breathe I’m Hungry’s version, and Perfect Keto’s version. They’re fairly similar, really.

The Little Pine low carb's pizza sauce looks rich and deep in flavour
The Little Pine low carb’s pizza sauce looks rich and deep in flavour. Perfect for low carb pizza, really!

And of course Lindsay at The Little Pine has her take on this as well. Plenty of variations to try!

I’m here to talk about cheeses….

Cheese is cheese, right? Well, sometimes not always. If you truly want to low carb, the commercially grated versions regularly include grain flours pumped into the grated cheese to keep it from sticking into a big lump. And we want to avoid those grains! They’re not low carb, and let’s face it, the best flavour will come from freshly grated cheese, whatever the variety.

Otherwise, the sky is your limit with low carb pizza ideas. What kind of cheese you use on a pizza will depend on your taste, and while a mozarella or bocconcini (fresh mozzarella in brine) are the staples, beyond that, it’s great to add different flavours! One of my favourites is brie or camembert, straps on top of the pizza as the final ingredient. A few of these go a long way flavour-wise!

Brie and camember make the perfect gourmet pizza topping
Brie and camember make the perfect gourmet pizza topping, especially on a low carb pizza. Really.

Okay, so that pizza above is a stock image, and probably a high carb pizza base. For the toppings it looks awesome!

So what about toppings? Low carb pizza ideas

  • Meat: Salami and pepperoni, proscuitto or parma ham, leg ham, sausages, bacon, chicken, minced beef, meatballs, anchovies.
  • Seafood: Don’t forget prawns! And oysters, mussels, squid, octopus, chunks of fish, either fresh or canned, and even oily fish like sardines!
  • Sauce: See above, otherwise pesto, creme fraiche, or even low carb salsa!
  • Cheese: See above – your choice entirely! But don’t forget outside of the square options like halloumi! And of course dollops of greek yoguhurt and sour cream.
  • Vegies: Onion rings, artichokes, mushrooms, capsicum, chilli, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, olives (of course!), sun dried tomatoes, avocado, fennel, dill pickles, spring onions, asparagus
  • Herbs: Basil, mint, rosemary, oregano, thyme, chives
  • Spices: Sumac, chilli, paprika, onion and garlic powder or salts, celery salt.

Really, it’s something you can have fun with – but if you choose something you’re not sure of the carb level, simply look it up! Easy to google carb content of an ingredient.

Plus, you can always appropriate cultural references from other cuisines! Indian curry pizzas? Sure! Mexican pizza, definitely! Have fun trying new low carb pizza ideas

Tell us what you tried!

We’d love to hear from you. Comment below with what you’ve tried, and whether it worked!

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  1. Karine says:

    I haven’t tried these low carb bases before but the cauliflower one sounds intriguing. Brie and camembert with prosciutto are one of my favourite toppings!

    • admin says:

      If you look around on the web, there are more different takes on the cauliflower base, but as I said in the blog post, I’m not a huge fan… however I have looked at the one at Woolworths a few times, but never gotten across the line to buying it! I’d love to hear whether you think it’s ok.
      And the wonderful thing about blog posting in WordPress – you can add extra items to the list… and I’m not sure how I missed that one! Thank you!

  2. Jo says:

    These look so delicious!! Who would have known you could make a pizza base from cauliflower!!

    • admin says:

      Cauliflower is really versatile, however it depends on your taste of course! Each person is different but a lot of people love it! It’s really easy to lighten pizza up a little if you want to take a bit of time…. 🙂

  3. Carol says:

    I am not a cauliflower fan even thought I tried it again this week.
    But I love the other ideas and will definitely try some coz we love pizza.

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