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Lower carb snack time

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Lower carb snack time is now

Working out what to have as a snack can be a real challenge if you’re new to lower carb life! So lower carb snack time is something you’ll want to get some simple guidelines for! This page can help.

Simple snacks you can make at home

Here’s a group of 10 snack foods that you can easily have on hand, either in the fridge or in some cases, portable! Use the slideshow below to check each snack idea! (Thanks for Ditch The Carbs for inspo on this list!)

  • Avocado makes a healthy snack to fuel your day
  • Berries are little lower carb gifts from nature and make great lower carb snack time
  • So many cheeses to choose from for low carb snack time
  • Dark chocolate - a square or two make a strong and satisfying snack
  • Deli or leftover roast meats can be handy snack options
  • Eggs are a capsule full of nutrient rich lower cab snack time
  • Fish is low carb, has great fats and awesome snacks
  • A small quantity of nuts can make great lower carb snack time
  • Salty little parcels of snack goodness - Olives
  • Sliced low carb water veg is tasty and refreshing for snacks

Pre-packaged lower carb snack time

There are a few off-the-shelf items that you can use to help avoid potato crisps and other high carb snacks!

  • Pork rinds: Available in various brands and seasonings, these are very low carb and a great tasty replacement for chips! Good to have a drink on hand though as they can be quite dry.
  • Sliced deli meat packs: Various supermarkets have smaller grammage packs that can be ideal as an emergency fridge snack to keep at work or at home. Or, you can buy without packaging and measure out a few slices to take with you!
  • Nut packs: Most economical if you can get small containers and measure out limited quantities – a handful is enough. There are pre-purchased ones too but stick to raw unsalted nuts where you can. And avoid flavoured nuts with coatings as those coatings are FULL of sugar!
  • Seaweed: While not to everyone’s taste, these thin salty sheets of seafood give you the oil and salt that you’re craving from a packet of chips/crisps. Well worth trying, as they can be quite addictive!
  • Tinned fish: Protein packed and super tasty in either water, brine or oil! And available in all kinds of sizes too, and many flavours.
  • Low carb beef jerky: Watch out for the sugar that can be used to help preserve jerky – worth googling for low carb versions in your country.
  • Cheese crisps: There are a few versions of these ‘puffed’ or baked cheese crisp products around now, but try a single packet before you buy up – some lack flavour!
  • Low carb protein shakes: Ok, so these are not exactly pre-packaged as they require mixing up, but it’s easy to have the shaker on hand at work or home!
  • Mini cheese portions: A good example of these are the little red Babybel waxed cheeses. Great for on the run snacking!
  • Twiggy sticks: There are loads of these around in single/double serves and large packs. They’re very satisfying combination of fat, protein and a bit of salt. Yum!
  • Coconut yoghurt: Lower in carb than dairy yoghurt, and so soft and delicate! I keep a larger container at work and grab a few spoons!

This is a shorter post but full of ideas – make sure you check the slideshow to see all ten, and read this list. It’s a great start and we’d love to hear any more ideas you have. Please comment! Enjoy lower carb snack time!

Tell us about your lower carb snack time!

We’d love to hear from you. Comment below with what you’ve tried, and whether you liked it!

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