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How do you low-carb when you visit a takeaway place – to eat in or take away? It sure can be hard, but it’s a matter of making good choices, and applying some will power too, if you can.

I’ve seen a few resources around on the web that give ideas on what to order, but most are very US-centric. In Australia, where I’m from, takeaway (or take-out), is very carb based, for the most part. It sure is hard to find good low carb takeaway.

Low carb takeaway at McDonalds

At McDonalds and not sure what to have? First step is to remove the bun. You can order it as is, and just don’t eat it. Plus I guess you could ask them not to put it on – just package the contents into the wrapper!

One important thing thought is to be wary of their tomato and BBQ sauces, which are loaded with sugar.

  • An easy thing is to order the Sausage and Egg McMuffin, with two patties, and leave off the Muffin. This reduces carb to just a few grams! Plus it’s easy to eat.
  • Otherwise, choose your burger, Big Mac or Quarter Pounder, and ask them to leave off the sauce and the bun – just the cheese, pickles, meat is what you need here.
  • For an easy small snack, grab the grilled chicken bites – almost no carb there!

Things to avoid… well, anything in a bun, plus all of the sweet stuff, and the carb-laden items like hashbrowns. Plus, sadly, their chicken salad is made with pieces of crumbed chicken rather than just real chicken meat – avoid! Also avoid burgers with crumbed patties, like the chicken and fish burgers. Go for the real beef ones like Quarter Pounder, McFeast, Big Mac, Beef’n’Bacon – all options for low carb takeaway.

There’s not a lot of options, but choose simple, avoid the bun and sweet sauces, and you’re set!

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Sadly, there’s not much joy at KFC for low-carbers. About the best you can do, and it still has carb in the crumb, is to order a couple of fillets. Avoid the side salads, as they are as full of carb as the potato and gravy.


Pizza is pretty much always carb laden. There are a couple of choices here and there depending on where you are. Salad can be an option but sometimes they’re loaded with bread, italian style.

And the Crust Low Carb Pizza achieves this by simply making the base smaller. Works for them!

Crust pizza have an option of “Proscuitto wrapped chicken tenders” which are very low carb, just not sure on the added dipping sauce.

Their garden salad is OK, but hardly filling!

Dominos has very little of value either.

About the only possible guide is to choose pizzas that are filled with fresh low carb ingredients, not too much sauce, and then simply eat the topping. Takes some willpower though!


I actually loathe this place, because I can smell the preservatives hanging around in the air even a few stores away. And subs are seriously carby. The one bit of good news is their salads appear at least reasonable. In many cases, you can build it yourself or alter it – just avoid carb-laden items like crumbed chicken – choose the plain chicken instead!

Charcoal chicken – easy low carb takeaway

This one is fairly easy if it’s a decent store. Simply choose chicken and low-carb salad. Greek salad and egg salad are popular choices, and a quarter chicken will be tasty – just don’t eat the stuffing!

Burger joints

If you’re lucky in live in Melbourne or another capital city, it’s likely some of the more popular burger joints will have low carb options.

Huxtaburger will replace the bun with lettuce, with makes a huge and immediate difference. It’s messy though…

Grill’d has a lower carb bun, about a quarter of the carb than the usual bun – not perfect, but I guess it’s something!

Otherwise, same as McDonalds – order what you like and toss the bun!

So what about restaurants?

It can be possible to choose lower carb items in restuarants – here’s a few ideas:

  • Delis: order your sandwich or sub in a container without the bun or wrap
  • Steakhouse: Avoid sauces and coatings, potatoes etc, and grab a steak with garden salad or seasonal veg
  • Chicken: Order grilled chicken with steamed vegies if you can
  • Fish: Similar to chicken, choose the grilled option plus a salad
  • Thai: Satay skewers, steamed meat and veg.
  • Indian: Meat and Veggie Kebabs or Meat dishes in Tandoori
  • Japanese: Sashimi with soy sauce, ginger, or sushi roll with no rice.
  • Vietnamese: Pho, skip the noodles and order double vegie and protein
  • Chinese: Stir fries that don’t have thick sauces, steamed meat and veg
  • Mexican: Ceviche dishes if they have them, taco filling only, fajita veggies and meat only.

So that’s a few ideas about low carb takeaway – we’d love to hear more if you have them! Inevitably – it’s about being sensible and making obvious low carb choices!

Thanks for inspo and info from various sites, but especially The Little Pine low carb.

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