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Living your best Lower Carb Life!

Low Carb Pizza makes a delicious and filling dinner idea

Low Carb Pizza? Really?

Let’s face it, Pizza is one of those things that most of us who have tried low carb, either crave, or occasionally give in and have. And what’s not to love, apart from the base? Most of the ingredients in a good fresh pizza are actually lowcarb and high fat, or can be selected to …

Low carb dinner ideas with pork belly skewers!

Low Carb Dinner ideas

When dinner time looms and you have no idea how to low carb it, what can you do? Here’s a few simple ways to get started!

Ingredients for a low carb lunch!

Low carb Lunch options!

Lunch can be challenging for low carbers, as it’s most often loaded with carbohydrate. From low-carb salads, lovely left overs, purpose made mini meals, meatballs and lowcarb pizzas, and creative bento boxes – there’s so much choice! Find out more here!

Low carb ingredients to help you discover food ideas

Discover the benefits of lowering carb with Lower carb life!

This website,, is part of a campaign inspired by the benefits of lowering carb intake for diabetics seeking lower BGLs, or just about anyone wanting to live a little lighter!

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